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The Dyers Guild

The Dyers Guild is a educational group dedicated to the advancement of color repair (spot dyeing), full room carpet dyeing, and side-match corrections for the carpet industry and its members.  Our members have a vast base of knowledge about dyes, dyeing, and training of people to use their dyes.  The Dyers Guild offers technical advice and support to its customers.  To get help, call (800) 445-5143.  To order supplies or locate a distributor near you see the Americolordyes website below. Whether you are spot dyeing bleach spots, full room carpet dyeing, or doing side-match jobs, The Dyers Guild can help you with spot dye kits, bulk dyes, carpet chemicals and all your training needs.

Carpet Dye Manufacturers And Suppliers

Americolor Corp.
Americolor produces over 300 carpet dye colors plus specialty dye chemicals, spot dye kits, carpet cleaning chemicals, carpet dyeing equipment, manuals, training DVDs, color aids, and class room training. Americolor also produces the famous "Carpet Dye Pen" in 72 colors.

The carpet dye colors offered by Color/Match are different and unique. The color line includes over 300 unique colors, primarily used on nylon, wool, and silk carpets. Other special dyes can be special ordered.

Dye Co.
Concentrated mill carpet dyes available in 40 designer colors plus specialty dye chemicals including "Nameless".

Dye Master
The Dye Master's Liquid Carpet Dye System was designed for the carpet cleaner using a truck mount system. Liquid carpet dyes available in 24 colors. All carpet dyes and chemicals are premixed concentrates in 8 ounce and 5 quart containers.

Dyeing Colors
Dyeing Colors carpet dyes are available in 25 popular colors. These carpet dyes are more vibrant than any other product on the market.

Hydro-Dye makes all the carpet dyes and spot dye kits for Hydro-Force Distributors. There are 24 carpet dye colors in the color line and all carpet dyes and dye chemicals are premixed concentrates in 8 ounce and 5 quart containers. Hydro-Dye is designed to be used with the Hydro-Force sprayer and truck mount systems.

Professional Dye
Professional Dye was developed for the professional carpet dyer that has the training, knowledge, and experience to use carpet dyes that are 2 to 3 times stronger than regular carpet dyes and dye chemicals. These carpet dyes are used primarily for commercial jobs, such as apartments, offices, and restaurants. There are 12 carpet dye colors.

Americolor Corporation
8168 SW Durham Rd 
Tigard OR 97224

(503) 670- DYES
                                                         (503) 670-3937